Five Star Core Velocity Program, Bat Speed and Hitting Clinics Open for Registration



Tracy R -Oct 13, 2017   Great coaches!

So glad that we found Five Star Baseball Academy! Coach Mike works great with all the boys on our team, and he has really helped improve my son's swing with the attention and feedback he provides during the one-on-one lessons. We plan on continuing lessons my son's lessons there throughout the winter season as well!

Nicole M - Aug 2, 2017

Hitting Lessons

Mike is a wonderful coach. He has helped my son fix things in his batting swing. Very patient with kids and teaches them the correct mechanics. Thank you so much for everything!

Cory B - May 23, 2017

Pitching and hitting

Mike has been instrumental in improving my son's overall game. He is able to identify issues and correct them in a relatively short time. He is incredibly knowledgeable and more importantly, works extremely well with the kids. I can't thank him enough for all he has done for my son.

Andrea Barnacz - Apr 22, 2017


Mike was great with my son Stephen at his first lesson. Hes looking forward to his next appt. Highly recommend.

Shelley Mate - Apr 20, 2017


Mike and his staff are amazing! My son has learned so much and has gained such confidence working with them. I would definitely recommend! Thanks Five Star!!

Sean Ignotis - Apr 13, 2017


I learned a lot in just one session with Mike. I was a little nervous going in but soon felt comfortable thanks to Mike and his great environment.

Matt Bolger - Apr 6, 2017

Pitching & Hitting

Mike at Five Star is top notch. I will be taking my son there for many years to come. His pitching and hitting improved tremendously in just a few lessons.

Kevin Zebro - Mar 17, 2017

Expert Hitting Instructions

Mike & the 5 Star staff have been absolutely fantastic. His knowledge, dedication & patience has been exemplary. In minutes Mike was able to make corrections in my 13 year old sons stance that has dramatically improved his swing and contact.

Gabriel Vazquez -Nov 13, 2016

Baseball clinics

My son's first experience in the baseball clinic with coach Mike was wonderful. He was very patient and took the time to give clear concise instructions.

Ray F. - Apr 5, 2016

Instructed and challenged

The Five Star program and coaches take the time to properly instruct and teach the game while also challenging the kids to be better players. Five Star has been a great experience on and off the field for my son. He has become a better player and made a lot of good friends.

Pedro C -Feb 29, 2016

Excellent development program

Mike and his team of coaches provide precise professional level instruction and training that is hard to find. Whether it's pitching, hitting, defense, or base running, focus is always placed proper mechanics. The atmosphere is always positive and educational. Our son seems to learn something new after every practice or game. We feel fortunate to have found such a great organization.

Anne V - Feb 26, 2016

Five Star gets Five Stars!

Mike is an excellent coach and instructor. He truly knows the game of baseball and really cares about all of his players. Our son has been playing travel ball for 7 years and, under Mike Seel and the entire coaching staff, this has been his best experience to date.

Joseph Chegus -Sep 13, 2015


Mike is a very good instructor. He takes the time and goes the extra step to explain things to you. He also is a very good coach.

Joey C  - Aug 1, 2015


Very good lessons. If you want to learn like a professional then go to 5 Star. Mike and the team are all professionals.

Michael L - May 16, 2015

Awesome hitting coach!

Coach Mike really helped me break down my swing. He was able to help me with some of the mistakes I was making and really improve my swing mechanics.

Aaron W -May 3, 2015

Five Star!

Mike and his staff are great. He is patient and encouraging. I am so glad both of my boys are in his program. Wouldn't have it any other way.

Fran N - Apr 5, 2015

Great organization!

My son has been working with Mike for years. Mike always goes the extra step to make sure the kids do things properly. Proper form & technique. Safety is also important. Proper training to avoid injury. My son has improved incredibly since he's worked with Mike. And, just as importantly, he ENJOYS working with Mike. Great guy, great organization

Ray Fernandez - Feb 9, 2015


Mike does a great job instructing the kids on the proper way to do things. This goes for pitching, hitting, and how to play the game. Mike has a tremendous passion for the game and this shows in how he runs his program and teaches the kids.

Kevin Schuster -Jan 12, 2015


Coach Mike is so focused on mechanics, that I know under his guidence, he will make me an effective pitcher as I grow. He focuses on balance, consistentcy, style, etc, which will improve my velocity and he is also educating me on "How" to pitch! He is very detailed in his approach and he takes teaching young pitchers to a new level!

David Bruce -Jan 10, 2015

Real teaching

If you want a positive learning experience for your kids, I would highly recommend Mike Seel. My son not only learns, but feels good about how he is being taught. Very detailed and valuable instruction explained in a way that is understood.

Seth W - Nov 14, 2014

Always gets me on track

Mike is a true professional. Be it hitting or pitching he always knows what I need fixed. I almost don't want to tell kids who are not my teammates about him!

“Mike, I never met you until I umpired your 10U game last weekend in Parsippany. I have to say it was a pleasure watching you teach, coach and instruct your players. Having been an umpire and travel coach for many years I was impressed with your style. Where many coaches are interested in wins and losses even at this level, you seemed to be more interested in the player. His positioning, execution, knowing where and what to do. Explaining situations and responsibilities. It’s Coaches like you that not only teach the game of baseball but build confidence and character. I wish you and your organization the very best. “

      Guy Bettelli - Parsipanny Panthers

“Mike has worked with my son to develop his pitching and batting.  He is a much more effective and confident baseball player thanks to his instruction.  My son says Mike is very detailed and gives him step by step direction.  Mike teaches the essentials of pitching and hitting in a way that improved my son's skills while taking into account his age level and making it fun in the process.  My son looks forward to his lessons, even though each one is physically and mentally challenging.  Mike's knowledge and passion for the game, and his enjoyment from working with players, is evident in his instruction.  Mike has helped my son improve on the strategic, mental and physical aspects of his baseball skill set.  He has been a wonderful instructor, and I would recommend him to others seeking baseball instruction.”

      Rob Witschger - South Brunswick,NJ 


 “My son has been working with Mike Seel for the past 4 years. Mostly during the winter months. The improvements have been amazing. Mike's method of working with each child as individuals I think, is the most accurate and efficient way to find out your child's requirements.  Mike's approach allows him to tailor his pitching, hitting and fielding training programs to concentrate on your child's strengths and weaknesses.  No cookie cutter programs, just honest to goodness, techniques, that help your child feel relaxed and confident.  You and your child will be able to see the progress and will happy and satisfied with the improvements.  Since my son wanted to be a pitcher, during my son's first year working with Mike, he concentrated on teaching my son proper pitching techniques.  He taught my son how to use his body, especially his legs and hips, and not to just throw with his arm.  He also taught my son the importance of balance in a pitching motion. This allowed my son to be a more consistent pitcher, throw with increased miles per hour, while ensuring he wouldn't burn out his arm. With hitting Mike has worked with my son to ensure his batting stance and swing allows for maximum efficiency, speed, and power.   Mike takes pride and enjoyment in his training, and is always interested in the progress the kids are making. My son and Mike speak before every lesson about how he did in the game last week.  My son will not go to any other baseball trainer.”   

         Joe DiMaria - Spotswood, NJ